5 Great Web Tools That Brings Empathy And Inclusiveness In Your Content

The days are passe when a writer had to toil hard to rectify the mistakes, or companies had to  hire proofreaders to find out the human-errors, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Today is the time of advanced and avant-garde tools as well as software, which help in making badly and hastily written content free from any grammatical glitches, improper punctuation marks, incorrect sentence structures and more. These tools and software are also able to track and find out the plagiarized or non-plagiarized content.


Let’s fact it; to err is human. And when we talk about content writing, chances of committing errors increase a lot. What’s the use of a content, which cannot convey what you want to your readers? What’s the use of a content that is awash with a lot of grammatical errors and make your readers irritated and leave it without further reading? What’s the use of a content which doesn’t tell your readers where to stop and take a break? And last but not the least, what’s the use of a content which lack readability and call-to-action?


The gist is your content must have the required empathy and inclusivity so that  it can cater to what it has been developed and designed for. So, thanks to these advanced tools and software, which not only make your content free from any grammatical glitches, but also let you know where you are going trackless. And in the article  below, I have tried to cover up some great writing tools and websites that  will help you come up with a user-friendly, reader-friendly and properly-structured content. Let’s talk about them.




As a writer, all of your write-ups are your baby that you cultivate through your feeling, heart and writing skill. However, like a mother, you cannot find a fault in your bloodline, so get a help of alexjs.com to find the insensitive and inconsiderate writing. Alex helps you find the unequal phrasing to either yours or someone else writing. It is an open source software to check gender favoritism and racially insensitive language.


Site name:  www.alexjs.com

Uses:  Help to get sharper in writing catches possible offenses, suggests alternatives, make your writing stylish and markdown input for a plain-text

Subscription: Free

How to use: use the demo field in the web page, can install the software using npm,




Based on the public data analysis, crystalknows.com helps create a unique personality profile that further helps in creating an effective and powerful communication as per the personality with you are communicating. The tagline “Communication with Empathy” is perfect while working on an interface of social science, communication with the essence of technology.


Site name: https://www.crystalknows.com

Uses: works as a communication coach for every kind of communication and helps to improve emails, meetings as well as the relationship with personality insight.

Subscription: on invite, free trial then as per the prevailing charges

How to use: Register online for the service and then use it as an extension




Grammarly.com is one of the most popular online tools which helps in checking the spelling and grammatical mistakes while communicating. This highly-acclaimed and most-used online tool has already won millions of hearts and today has almost become the first and foremost choice among all those who believe in providing an error-free content writing service. It helps to boost the productivity and credibility with clarity and confidence when you write on Gmail, Facebook or other social network sites. You can also download it as an extension of your MS word to check live writing.


Site name: https://app.grammarly.com

Uses: the free browser extension is a guide to check your mistakes and gives you valuable suggestions on anywhere you write on the web.

Subscription: Free basic/ premium at the prevailing rate

How to use: download the extension from the site




Prowritingaid.com is one such online tool, which can even check the hidden phrases and passive voices. It also identifies overuse of adverbs, eliminates vague words, replaces overused words with more suitable words. This online writing tools  is, in fact, comes as a bliss for writers. The tagline of this great writing software is: Improve Readability And Eliminate Errors.


Site name: https://prowritingaid.com/

Uses: editing software for academic users and others

Subscription: Free basic, premium $35 per year, premium+ $40 per year

How to use: buy the subscription or register for free basic for a year




If you want to express your feeling in a very polite and simple word, then labs.foxtype.com is the tool that can best cater to your needs. No matter what your mental status is at the time of writing any content piece, this is the tool that will help you pen down or type in your thought in a very polite and simple manner. The online tool can check the politeness of the written sentence, and help you  make your writing more user-friendly. The tagline of this great writing software is: Write In A More Polite, Friendly Tone.


Site name: https://labs.foxtype.com/politeness

Uses: make your writing more polite and friendly

Subscription: free for Gmail plugins, $10 for app

How to use: For plugins, download the link through submitting an  email address, for app purchase online


The life has not been as easy if these tools wouldn’t have existed. Thanks to these technologically-advanced tools and software, writing has now been completely revolutionized and serious writers can come up with more clinch and impressive type of content.

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