Digital Technology and its Shift with Customer Engagement

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In just a few years, there seems to have been quite a shift in how organizations and customers engage and communicate. With this shift, there is a high expectation coming from each party. Until most recently, interactions with customers have been mostly during the time of a transaction. However, in this digital world of technology with the Internet and mobile applications at the forefront in popularity, those days are no longer relevant.

The Customer Experience

It is a challenge for businesses to understand the emotional effect that content allows. However, emotions are a strong component of engaging potential customers. But, business owners have to constantly make changes to place more emphasis on the consumer rather than on the processes of getting more traffic to the website. In other words, the main basis of competing effectively in the marketplace is to give the customer a satisfying experience on your website, but also on varying channels. The business owners that have had success realized this sooner and are the ones standing out in the crowd and always ahead of the game. They know how to deliver personalized and hands-on customer experience, which has resulted in their success.

Personalized Touch

When customers do business with a company, whether they place an order on the Internet or speak to someone over the phone or ask questions using social media, they want it to be fast and customized to their needs. In addition to the increase in expectations, businesses should also seamlessly communicate with their prospective and existing customer across multiple channels. There is no clear path to the customer experience. It goes through different points of contact, which includes phone, email, corporate events, website, and in-person and social media. So, you have to be prepared to respond on all mediums, but whatever medium you use to communicate, the customer expects personalized treatment. Digital technology allows you more options.

Social Media Technology

No longer is it sufficient to expect that a customer will have the ideal experience by just navigating your website. If you want to compete with others online, you have to show responsibility for every visitor that comes to your website, offering and providing a personalized and engaging experience. That is where social media also comes in. It allows you to build a rapport first with your potential customer, even before they come to the website. Yes, before inviting a potential customer to visit your website directly, spend some time with the prospect so that they can get to know you, your brand and your company. Provide a journey and at each touch point, you make contact and improve the experience.

Customer Overview

Do you know your target audience? If you don’t, it is best to find out the people that you are trying to reach. Who are they? What do they like? Every business owner should spend time to know the customer by doing an analysis, survey and gathering data so that services can be improved and the technology platform decided on.  As you interact more with the potential customer through social media and other platforms, you will gradually change the way you do business by taking advantage of all forms of digital technology for a better customer experience.

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