The Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing


In the past, when it came to marketing their businesses, people didn’t have a lot of options. They could hope that word of their business spread through word of mouth, or they could make direct phone calls or try their hand at mail marketing. Or, if they had a fortune to spend, they could try and spring for a television or radio commercial.Nowadays, thankfully, people have much better, much more efficient, much cheaper, and much more varied ways of marketing their businesses.


In fact, the internet has changed the marketing game completely. Nowadays, most businesses don’t do much, if any, marketing the old fashioned way. Instead, they use social media, online ads, and other online platforms and methods to market their businesses.


And, while there is definitely something to be said for digital marketing, there are cons as well. Here, we’ll detail some of the good and some of the bad of digital marketing.


The Good: Any Business Can Handle Digital Marketing


We’ll start with the positive side of things. One of the really nice things about digital marketing is that just about any business can handle it. In the past, smaller businesses had a harder time competing with larger businesses. They couldn’t afford the same over-the-top marketing as their larger counterparts.


Nowadays, however, many methods of digital marketing, such as creating a business Facebook page, are free. Others are extremely affordable. This creates a much more even playing field for all businesses and gives the “little guy” more of a fighting chance.


The Bad: Marketing is EVERYWHERE


As mentioned, it’s easier than ever for businesses to market themselves…which means that EVERY BUSINESS out there is marketing themselves on every platform possible. While this might seem like a great thing all around, it’s really not.


This constant stream of marketing means that people are ceaselessly barraged with…well…a  constant stream of marketing. Thus, they get very, very good at tuning it out completely. Need proof? Just watch how people these days fast forward through commercials and mute their computers when they’re forced to watch ads.


With all the marketing out there, it is harder than ever for businesses to really stand out from the rest, but it can be done with a little creativity and a lot of hard work


The Good: Easy Analytics


It’s always good to end things on a positive note, and one very positive thing about digital marketing is that it’s very easy to measure. Almost all online marketing tools, even many of the free to use ones, have some sort of built-in way to measure overall analytics and effectiveness. You can see how many viewed your post or ad, for example, how many people clicked on it, or which posts and ads led people to your site, as well as how many of those people later made a purchase.


The nice thing about being able to measure results in this way is that you can easily see what works and what doesn’t work. Smart businesses will learn from their mistakes and continually improve, and eventually, they can learn to stand out in the marketing crowd.


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